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Customizable Home
Welcome to the customizable Home
Welcome to the customizable Home

Your homepage is organized into customizable widgets, making it easy to view what’s important to you.

Written by Sonya Vrabcheva
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Learn how to rearrange your Home here.


Here you can find all OKRs that you or your team own in active sessions. You can also expand the table to compare progress between you, your teams, and the company as a whole. Learn more


When it’s time to do something, like update a Key Result, fill out a Check-in, complete a task, or approve an OKR, you’ll find it here. Learn more


The Check-ins widget will let you know when it’s time to check in with your team. You can also access recent notes and updates left by your teammates. Learn more


Easily access Whiteboards that you’ve recently viewed or that have been shared with you. Learn more

Time to explore

Until February 1st, 2024, customers using the old homepage can switch between the old and new versions of the home from Profile > Edit Profile > New home. If you have any thoughts on the changes, let us know.

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