User Guide: OKRs

Working with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub). It's everything you need to know about managing OKRs.

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How-to Videos

A rich library of videos enabling you to learn Quantive Results(formerly Gtmhub) and become a proficient OKRs practitioner

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Quantive Singularity

Guides and help articles related to Quantive Singularity.

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Customizable Home

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User Guide: Automated Key Results and Key Performance Indicators

Automate progress tracking with Dynamic Key Results, powered by over 150 Data Sources.

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User Guide: Performance management

Learn how Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub) helps you drive performance in your teams with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) management.

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Admin Guide: Account Setup and Configuration

Account Admin and OKR Champion's guide to getting up and running with Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub).

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Data guide

Learn how to extract meaningful data from your Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub) account. Start setting OKRs and making decisions based on data!

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Marketplace Insights

Overview of the out-of-the-box Insights avalailable on the Marketplace

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Marketplace Apps

Build your own apps or install and manage pre-built apps

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Overview of Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub) Integrations, including SSO and Data Connectors.

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Guidelines and recommendations for ensuring that digital content is accessible for all users

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Quantive Mobile App

OKRs on the go! Everything you need to know about the features of our Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub) mobile application

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See what features and improvements are planned for Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub). Check out what we are working on to make the product even better.

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Policies and Agreements

All about existing Policies and Agreements for users of Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub)

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Quick answers to common questions

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Sunset Features

A list of all features that have been removed or deprecated from Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub)

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New Navigation Experience

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Platform Intelligence

Overview of Platform Intelligence capability available in Quantive Results

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Quantive Strategies

Guides and help articles related to Quantive Strategies

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