Twitter integration for your favorite OKRs tool. You can now connect your Twitter account and automate your OKRs with data from Twitter.

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How to connect

  • In Quantive, navigate to Settings > Data Sources screen

  • Click the Select data source button

  • From the Choose a connector dialog, select the Social tab and then Twitter

  • Enter the Twitter username for the user you want to track metrics for and click on the Connect button.

What data from Twitter can you use

At the moment you can get following data about Twitter user:

  • followers_count : number of followers user has

  • friends_count : number of friends user has

  • favourites_count : number of favourites user has

  • statuses_count : number of statuses user has written

Twitter masterplan

There is a quick way to set up Twitter with Quantive, which will set up the connector, and install the necessary entities and insights, so you can start using them right away.

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