SugarCRM is a CRM solution which allows you to manage your sales cycle and pipeline. By integrating SugarCRM you can visualise and measure the performance of your sales efforts.

How to connect

  • In Gtmhub navigate to Setup > Insights screen.

  • Click on the Install from Gallery button / Start with a preset link.

  • Select SugarCRM.

  • Provide your SugarCRM instance URL, username and password.

What data from SugarCRM can you use

Gtmhub can sync all SugarCRM entities. At the moment when you install the SugarCRM connector as per above instructions we will automatically map and sync the following entities:

  • Accounts

  • Teams

  • Users

  • Campaigns

  • Contacts

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Activities

  • Calls

  • Meetings

  • Tasks

  • Currencies

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