You get an error screen upon trying to log in to your account. The error screen states "There was a problem accessing your account". At the bottom of the screen, the UI informs you that you are logged in as your user's email. For example:


This screen indicates two things:

  • You have successfully logged in with your user credentials

  • However, we were unable to resolve the account associated with your user

There are several reasons for this:

  • you have typed an incorrect URL when logging in to your account.

  • you have another Gtmhub account. You have logged in there on the same browser and did not log out. When you try to log in to your other account the browser cookie and session confuses Gtmhub which account to log you in to


  1. Click on the logout link. This action will attempt to log you out of any Gtmhub accounts you have logged in to from this browser

2. Try logging in again

If the problems persist:

  1. Open a new browser - one which you have not used to log in to Gtmhub. For example, if your primary browser is Chrome, but you have Edge or Safari on your machine, use them.

  2. Try logging in there.

  3. If you manage to log in successfully, follow these steps to be able to log in from your primary browser:

  • Close all browser windows. All browser tabs and windows (except for private browsing) share the same cookies and sessions between them.

  • Open a new instance of the browser - this will ensure you have terminated any browsing session and cookies

If the problems persist:

  1. Click on the Error stack link

  2. Copy the contents of the error message

  3. Contact Gtmhub support for further assistance in resolving this issue

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