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How to contact Quantive Results Support
How to contact Quantive Results Support
Submit a support issue, or just start a chat with us to get help from our industry-best technical support team.
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Do you need technical assistance or need to ask a question? Open a support issue to get a team of professional miracle workers to solve even the most complex technical challenge. Shoot a question in our live chat to get our Jedi team to explain anything - from Quantive (formerly Gtmhub) product architecture through OKR secret sauce recipes, to striking a good deal with our Sales team. Learn what's the best way to get in touch with us to get your issue resolved quickly and questions answered efficiently.

Open a support issue

Opening a support issue is the best way to go if you're reporting a technical issue or a bug you found in the product. As a rule of thumb, anything that takes longer than your typical question-answer communication is best discussed as a support issue. It makes it easier for us to allocate the necessary resources, track your conversation history, and exchange secured information.

How to submit a support issue

  1. Visit our Public Issue Tracker system

  2. Once there, select the area you need help with:

Additionally, you can provide your input about a desired product suggestion (feature improvement or a new feature suggestion) by submitting a ticket here

3. Fill in the requested information

  • Describe your issue, provide relevant information, screenshots, error messages. Anything that can shorten the initial back-and-forth, and steer us in the right direction

  • Indicate the right priority. All issues are equally important to us, but we know some are more severe than others and require our attention quicker. Quantive has a clear definition of issue severity.

  • Share the issue with your team. By default, all issues you open with us are private - they are visible only to you and the support agents we assign on them. If you want to make your team aware of the issue you're just creating, you can use the Share with textbox to share the issue with your team. If you are not seeing your organization's name in the textbox, or you're not sure whether a team member is part of that team, just add this as part of your support issue description. We'll help you get this sorted.

4. Submit your issue

Once you submit your issue a member of our team reviews it and acknowledges it by assigning themselves to the issue. You will hear from us within the initial response time targets outlined in Client Support Service policy.

Manage your support communication

You will receive email notifications for updates on your support issues. You can reply directly to the email or use the link in the email to view the issue in our support portal and post your comment there.

Include team members

If you want to add more participants to the discussion, you can do this at any time:

Track your issues

If you have multiple conversations going on with our team, you can track them from our Support portal:

Chat with us

If you have a quick question you want to ask, and you prefer real-time communication the best way to go is to start a chat with our team. You can start a conversation right away while using the Quantive Results (formerly Gtmhub) platform:

  1. Click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner

  2. If asked by the operator, select the option that best describes what you need help with:

  • Product question - to get answers to your technical questions and issues

  • OKRs - to get advice on OKRs at Quantive Results and implement OKR best practices

  • Sales - to speak to someone about pricing, purchasing, billing

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