Last updated: June 14, 2022

This Client Support Policy ("Policy") describes the client support services provided by Gtmhub to all clients with active Master Service Agreements.

Support Channels

Online Resources

You can take advantage of the self-service support resources available at the online Gtmhub Help Center. The portal includes user guides, documentation, knowledge base articles, community forums, product update information and more.

Ticketing portal / Email Support

Support requests should be submitted to our ticketing system. Alternatively, you can submit your support request as an email to [email protected]. You will receive an answer via email within the reaction time specified in your support plan and based on your issue severity. Our response will include a ticket number and the name of the assigned support officer.

Phone Support

Gtmhub Enterprise plan users with Enhanced Support can call us at:

  • US: +1 720-996-1933.

  • EU: +44 7723 487268

Phone support is available for:

  • Issues of critical severity - 24x7 (see Definition of issue severity below)

  • All other issues - Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm Central European Time 

Support Availability

Standard Support is available on business days between 8am and 6pm Central European Time. Standard Support is not available on Weekends and local holidays.

Enhanced support is available 24x7 (weekend coverage is available for production issues of Highest severity only).

Definition of issue severity

When you open a support issue you should specify its severity level. When Gtmhub support engineers review and work on your issue they use the below table to determine if the severity level is properly specified and if not, they will change it and notify you:

Priority name




Emergency situation.

A severe problem that prevents you from using Gtmhub via web application and mobile app at the same time where no workarounds can be implemented.

  • Gtmhub is down.

  • I can’t add team members, or login.

  • Nobody can create OKRs.

  • Search is not working.

  • I can’t connect to any data source.


Serious degradation of application performance or functionality.

Something is not working, and it prevents me from doing my job. There is no workaround

  • I can't update my OKRs.

  • Unable to create a new session.

  • Performance issues.

  • Critical, High CVSS score security issues.


Gtmhub issue or configuration request that has moderate impact to the business.

Something is not working. It’s preventing me from doing my job. A workaround is available.

Medium CVSS score security issues

  • Can’t Create OKRs from the Alignment or Home screens, but I can do it from the Session OKRs view.

  • Failing Insights calculation or Data synchronization issues.

  • Users not receiving emails.

  • SSO configuration requests.


A problem with little or no impact to business. Nuisance issues, or questions about product functionality and usage.

Low CVSS score security issues

  • A label is misplaced or its text is wrong.

  • Something is not sorted properly.

  • Questions regarding the use of, or future plans for the product.

Maintenance and Support Plans

New versions of the service are included with every active product plan. New versions provide you with access to all major upgrades and minor updates that are publicly released during the term of your Service Agreement at no additional charge. Free upgrades will be automatically provided to you.

Gtmhub offers Standard and Enhanced Support Plans with the following services and response times:


  • Online Support Portal

  • Email support

  • Chat support (self-service / based on availability)


  • Online Support Portal

  • Email support

  • Chat support (live agents)

  • Phone support

  • up to 1 hour reaction time for critical issues (see Response times below)

  • 24x7 availability

Response times

Scope of Technical Support

While we are happy to support your use of our service, and will help in overcoming any difficulties you may encounter, there are certain limitations to the technical support that we can provide.

  • Technical Support covers the reporting and correction of defects in the service, configuration assistance, data connectivity assistance, cases related to service availability and assistance in interpretation of insights.

  • While we constantly strive to assist in any way we can, there can be situations that are outside our control. Technical support does not include support for any other issues not directly related to the workings of our service.

Management of Cases

Language Support

All support services are delivered in English.

Opening a Case

Authorized contacts of each Client who require assistance may call or log the ticket via the website or service interface. Unique cases will be opened for each identified issue or request. The following items are required with each case in order for Gtmhub to provide Clients with effective assistance:

Please have the following information available:

  • Company name

  • Contact full name

  • Email Address

  • Telephone number

  • Articulate description of the problem / symptoms

  • Steps to reproduce the issue and / or details on where issue was observed

  • Error messages and or screen shots (if applicable)

  • Business impact

Depending upon the issue reported there are additional items to consider which may be requested by Gtmhub to further troubleshoot the request.

Closure of Support Cases

  • Open cases will be considered to be resolved and will be closed when:

We receive user confirmation that the issue is addressed or a provided workaround is acceptable.

  • The client has not responded to Gtmhub support staff for 10 business days. The case can be reopened if the issue has not been resolved.

  • When the issue is recognized as a bug or feature request that will enter our development planning cycle. On demand we will provide status updates on bugs and feature requests.

Appendix 1 - Legacy Support Plans

Gtmhub customers who subscribed on Business, OKRs, Performance, and Growth Engine Support Plans continue to receive support as per their original plan's support package. Such support is available until customers upgrade their plan or Gtmhub terminates the plan.

Business, OKRs, Performance, Growth Engine

  • Online Support Portal

  • Email support

  • Reaction time 48hr Mon-Friday

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