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Slack notifications for OKR update reminders
Slack notifications for OKR update reminders

How to receive automatic OKR update reminder notifications via Slack.

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To receive automatic OKR update reminders in Slack, you first need to enable the integration for Slack. 

Login to the Quantive Results App first

Install the Quantive Results app from the Slack App Directory. Be sure to enter /quantive-login and login.

For more information on integration for Slack with Quantive Results view our Help Article on How to view and update OKRs from Slack.

Pro-tip: If you already have the Quantive Results app installed, enter /quantive-okrs as a Slack message to view a list of your OKRs.

How do OKR notifications in Slack work?

  • If you own OKRs, you will receive the OKR update notification based on your OKR update reminders settings ( For example, Daily at 9:55 AM Mountain Time zone)

    For more information please see our help article on how to Configure OKR update Reminders.

  • In your OKR update reminders page it is important to select the cadence of when the reminder will be sent out, Daily, Weekly, Bi Weekly, or Monthly.

  • Next select the proper time zone and time of day of when you want to receive the reminder.

  • Next mark the checkbox for the four channel options that you would like the OKR update reminders sent to. Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or Mobile. In order to receive the OKR update reminder to Slack please make sure the option for Slack is marked.

  • Notifications are sent for OKRs that have NOT been updated during the current cadence, assigned to YOU personally. If there are no OKRs meeting these requirements, notifications will not be sent.

  • For more information view our Help Article on How to view and update OKRs from Slack

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