Gtmhub enables quick and easy integration with Slack so that you can view and update your OKRs without switching out of Slack. 

Once Gtmhub and Slack are integrated, all users can perform the following activities from directly within Slack:

View OKRs - You can view your own OKRs just as they are visible to you in Gtmhub. You can see these easily with a simple command in Slack: /gtmhub-okrs. 

Share OKRs – Once you’ve pulled your OKRs into Slack, it’s a simple matter to share them with any team member via Slack’s ‘Share’ button. 

  • Sharing does not work in DMs, and only works in private channels if you add the app to the channel.

Update Key Results – Once you’ve chosen to view your OKRs inside of Slack, you can use the three-dot dropdown menu on the right to update your KRs – the same way you would if you were inside of Gtmhub. Adding new values, modifying confidence levels or even inserting notes can all be done easily right in Slack. 

Hide Key Results – After you’ve displayed your OKRs within Slack, you can also use the dropdown menu on the right to hide any of your KRs. This will often be used when you wish to share and discuss particular OKRs.

Why use Gtmhub with Slack?

Easy collaborations: Specific private channels (user-manager, individual teams, etc.) enable quick displays of OKRs and improve collaboration and alignment. 

Rapid updates: Users can simply utilize their collaboration workspace to stay on top of updating Key Results, which becomes even more effective when information relevant to OKRs are exchanged via Slack. 

Time savings: Distributed teams, or indeed any individuals/teams that actively use both Slack and OKRs,will gain significant efficiencies using Slack as the baseline for OKRs discussions via this integration.

How to configure the Slack Integration

If your Slack Administrator permit unrestricted app installations, you can add the Gtmhub Slack app to any channel and proceed by typing the slack command /gtmhub-login, which will return a link to you to log into Gtmhub and authenticate the integration.

If you operate in a restricted workspace, you’ll need to request that your administrator approve the Gtmhub Slack app.

Key Slack commands

/gtmhub-login will return a link to you that will be used to authenticate your integration.
Note: If you have activated a Single Sign On option, then just please type your email address and you will be automatically recognized from the SSO.

/gtmhub-okrs will return your OKRs inside of Slack, in the same format that you would see them within Gtmhub. 

/gtmhub-logout will log you out of the current Gtmhub user that you authenticated with to use the Slack app.

/gtmhub-help will return a link to this article.


  • The titles of OKRs are hyperlinked, so a click would open them in Gtmhub.

  • From the three-dot dropdown menu, you can hide a whole session, a single OKR or even a single KR before sharing in the channel.

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