Quantive Results OKRs Chargebee integration. Here's how to connect your Chargebee account to Quantive Results.

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Chargebee is an online recurring billing system that works on top of 30+ payment gateways worldwide.. By integrating Chargbee in your account you will gain insights on your revenues and money flow. 

How to connect

Connect with Chargebee

  • In Quantive Results navigate to Settings -> Data Sources screen

  • Click on the Add new Data Source button.

  • From the Choose a connector dialog navigate to Sales tab and choose Chargebee.

  • Give a name of the connection.

  • In the Domain field enter the full domain of your Chargbee instance. (Ex: if your instance is you will only need to enter myInstance)

  • In the Api Key field enter the api key associated with your domain. In order to obtain an api key you will need to navigate to Settings -> API Keys inside your chargebee instance.

Once the Connection is established you will be presented with a list of available data sources for syncing.

The next step is to create an entity from the data source side menu and build insights to analyze it.

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