FreshDesk is a Customer Service Software and Support Ticket System vendor. By integrating FreshDesk in your account you will gain valuable information about the performance of your customer service as well as your support efforts.

How to connect

Connect with FreshDesk

  • In Gtmhub navigate to Setup -> Data Sources screen

  • Click on the Add new Data Source button.

  • From the Choose a Data Source dialog navigate to Operations tab and choose FreshDesk.

  • Give a name of the connection.

  • In the Domain field enter the full domain of your FreshDesk instance. (Ex:

  • In the Api Key field enter the api key associated with your domain. Additional information on how to obtain an api key can be found here.

Once the Connection is established you will be presented with a list of available data sources for syncing.

The next step is to start syncing your FreshDesk data and build insights to analyze it.

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