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QuickBooks Online

Connect QuickBooks Online with Quantive Results and use financial insights as key results to automate your OKRs progress tracking.

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  • QuickBooks Online account

  • QuickBooks Company ID 

  • QuickBooks admin account email and password

  • You must be a Quantive Results administrator

How to find QuickBooks online Company ID

In order to connect QuickBooks Online with Quantive Results you will need your QuickBooks Online Company Id. Follow these steps to find it:

  • Log in to your QuickBooks Online account

  • Click on the little cog icon in the upper right corner

  • Click on the Account & Settings link under Your Company section

  • Click on the Billing & Subscription tab in the left menu

  • Copy the Company ID from this screen and keep it for later

How to connect

To connect QuickBooks Online in Quantive Results follow these steps:

  • Log in to Quantive Results

  • Navigate to Settings -> Data Sources

  • Click on Add new data source in the upper right corner

  • Select the product tab and select QuickBooks Online

  • In the connection dialog enter the name of the connection (something that will help you identify this connection, as Quantive Results allows you to connect more than one QuickBooks account) and the QuickBooks company ID

  • Click on the Authenticate data source button

  • When the QuickBooks authentication dialog appears click on the Authorize button

  • Define permissions who will be able to administrate this connection

  • Select the item you want, give it a name and choose sync frequency.

  • Define permissions who will be able to see and use this information.

And that's it ! You should be all good to go and use your Quickbooks connection to power your Quantive Results items.

For quick start, you can use our out-of-the-box insights in the Marketplace.
​Have fun!

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