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Install Ready-to-use Insightboards from the Quantive Marketplace
Install Ready-to-use Insightboards from the Quantive Marketplace

Learn how to install pre-built reporting dashboards from the Quantive marketplace

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To simplify your process of creating good OKRs and then track them with meaningful Insights that power your key results, you can use the Quantive marketplace.

Our Quantive Marketplace has predefined Insightboards that can be installed for your own account or used as examples for your own Insights.


To install pre-built actionable Insightboards, perform the following:

1. In the navigation pane, click Insightboards.

If there are no Insightboards already installed in your account, a screen with suggested ready-to-use dashboards appears. To browse all Insightboards click the "Marketplace" link:

If you already have Insightboards in your account, click on "Create Insightboard" and select the "Add template" option:

2. The Quantive Marketplace appears - you've landed on the page with Insightboard templates.

A list of all actionable dashboards appears with descriptions that will also provide information about use cases for each one. You can click preview to get a deeper understanding of what content is in each dashboard before adding.

3. When you choose an Insightboard that suits your company needs, click "Add".
The dashboard will be immediately installed to your account.

4. Choose whether you'd like to go to the newly added Insightboard in your account or continue browsing the Marketplace.


All Insightboard templates you've installed from the Marketplace will appear under "Insightboards" in your account.

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