I have aligned a Child objective to a KR but the KR does not get updated when the objective marks some progress.


Aligning an Objective under a Key Result is perfectly fine. But that only serves the purpose of visualizing some logical connection between these two. Key results cannot be updated by child Objectives. You are still expected to update the KR manually in such a setup.

For more information on the topic, refer to the Objective bidirectional goal setting, alignment, and progress calculations article.


Child Objectives cannot update Key Results. So you either need to use an Objective as the parent or use cascaded Key Results.

Use an Objective as the parent

Let's say we're starting with this setup:

To switch the parent of Objective B from KR 1 to a parent Objective, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new child Objective under the same parent Objective where your parent KR lives.

  2. Set its progress calculation to be Child objectives

  3. Align Objective B under the new Objective you just created.

  4. Finally, edit the parent of your new Objective and make sure its progress calculation is Key Results and child Objectives.

  5. You should see something like this:

  6. At this point, you can get rid of your initial parent KR as it's no longer used.

  7. You can also refer to this video capturing the whole process.

Use Cascaded Key Results

Again, we're starting with this setup:

This time the goal is to change the parent, KR 1, and make it cascading. Then re-create each of the KRs under Objective B to contribute to the progress of KR 1. The beauty of this approach is that you're preserving the original setup almost identically. the cascaded children KRs will contribute to the progress on Objective B, and also directly change the progress of KR 1. Follow these steps:

  1. Edit KR 1 and set it to be Cascading - true

  2. Edit Objective B and set its parent to be Objective A

  3. Create 2 cascaded KRs from KR 1. Place them under Objective B

  4. At this point, you can delete the initial KR 3 and KR 4 as they are no longer needed - the two cascaded KRs you create should replace them

  5. Your final setup should look like this:

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