Logging in to multiple Gtmhub accounts in the same browser might sometimes present issues.


When you are already logged in to one Gtmhub account, your browser stores cookies and other information in the Local storage which help you get to the account faster. However, trying to log in to another account in the same browser sometimes confuses the login logic and is generally not recommended.


If you are invited to multiple end-user accounts and need to log in to them, follow the steps below:

  1. Always make sure you are logging out of one account, before logging in to another

When logging in to European accounts (account URL is like

When logging in to US accounts (account URL is like

Finally, keep in mind that a user can exist in only one account (per data center) with the same email address. If you need to be invited to more than one account in the US or in EU, you must use different email addresses. Email aliases also work.

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