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Change your domain & account name
Change your domain & account name

By default, Quantive Results generates a URL for your account when you sign up. You can change both your URL and account name. Here's how.

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NOTE: Once changing your account domain within Quantive, you must log out of your Quantive account and log back in for the domain changes to take effect.

Essentials customers - if you have generated an invite link previously before the domain change via People>Employees>Invite users> Generate invitation link.

  • You will notice the generated invitation link you previously created will not match your current domain after logging out and logging back into your account after your domain change.

  • To remedy this users must first delete the current generated invitation link by clicking on the trash can icon in the already generated link page.

  • This will return the user back to the default invite users page where they can invite team members either by email or by generated invitation link, click on the link to generate a new invitation link.

  • Once the new invitation link has been generated you will notice it will now match your changed domain.

  • See our related step by step help article on: Change your account name and domain

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