By default, Gtmhub automatically generates a URL for your account when you sign up. This URL looks similar to https://account<your account number>.(us.)gtmhub.com. By default, your account name matches the URL - for example, Account 1047986.

You can change both your URL and account name from your Gtmhub account settings.

Your account name is used for the following:

  • Invoice and outgoing notification emails.

  • Your Gtmhub domain URL
    By default, your account name is used to generate the URL where you access your account. It also determines the URL used in all hyperlinks in outgoing emails like notifications, user invites, and so on.

WARNING: If you change your domain, previous links to your account – for example, emails or browser bookmarks, will no longer work.

NOTE: If you have configured Single Sign On (SSO), you must contact Technical Support to request the domain change.


Perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. On the Configuration tab, click Account name and domain.

  3. To change your account name, in Account/Company name section, click Change.

  4. Enter your new account name and click Save.

  5. To change your URL, in Account domain section, click Change.

  6. Enter your new URL, click Save, and confirm the change.

NOTE: Gtmhub validates each domain. If the provided value is invalid or matches an existing Gtmhub account, you must provide a new one.

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