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How to provide additional information about Gtmhub iOS mobile app issues
How to provide additional information about Gtmhub iOS mobile app issues

Provide Quantive Tech Support the App Crash Reports to speed up issue resolution

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The Quantive Results iOS app keeps crashing. How can I provide additional troubleshooting information when contacting Tech Support to ensure the issue gets resolved more efficiently.


The Quantive Results iOS mobile app runs natively on your iPhone. If the error you're experiencing is related to any of the Quantive Results REST APIs, we will know about it. But, if the issue is within an app component that runs on your phone, this information is available only to you. To package this information and provide it to Quantive Tech Support, follow these steps:

  1. Reproduce the issue you're experiencing with the mobile app - if it's consistent, repeating the same steps should lead to the issue

  2. Go to your iPhone Settings and select Privacy

  3. Scroll down and select Analytics and Improvements

  4. On the next screen select Analytics Data

  5. The Analytics Data module keeps a list of recent app crashes that occurred on your phone.

  6. Tap on the first few (as they are the most recent) to see more details about the error. If any appear relevant, use the Share button in the top right corner to send them to Gtmhub Support. You can either copy and paste them in chat, or send them to [email protected]

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