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Reports show incorrect data
Reports show incorrect data

Process and Performance reports show incorrect count of OKRs

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  • You are seeing incorrect numbers in or more insights in your Performance and Process reports.

  • You are seeing incorrect numbers in your custom Insights that use the Quantive Results data source


The Quantive Results data source syncs every hour.

  • If you just made the changes (e.g. updated an OKR), this change might not be reflected if the data source has not synced yet.

  • An underlying error might have caused the data source to stop syncing automatically. That's why the data shown in the reports will not be the latest data


To address this issue follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, under the Integrations section, select Data Sources

  2. Locate the Quantive Results data source and expand its entities.

  3. Select and expand the entity to observe the Last sync date - if it appears to be more than 1 hour ago, proceed with the next step to manually sync it.

  4. Click on the three dots against the entity and select Sync.

The below video demonstrates these steps:

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