• I invited a few users from my company to Gtmhub, but they did not receive an invite email.

  • I am not receiving the Gtmhub notification emails in my Inbox

  • Gtmhub emails often go to the Spam folder


  • You have a spam filter that is putting Gtmhub emails in your Spam folder

  • You have an email rule that catches the subject or contents of a Gtmhub email and moves it to a folder


  • Check your Spam folder. If you find Gtmhub emails there, please add our domain to the trusted senders. Here’s a handy article.

  • Use global search form your entire mailbox, and look for messages from our domain. The emails that we’re sending have the following parameters:

    - Invite email:
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Name of user who invited (e.g. John Smith) has invited you to account name (e.g. Microsoft) account on Gtmhub.

    - Password reset mail:
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Reset your password

  • Contact your IT team to validate if the message has not been blocked before it reached your individual mailbox

Note: Once you’ve successfully reset your password, go to https://yourdomain.(us) or and log in with your email and new password

If none of the above steps helped to resolve your issue, please contact Gtmhub Support for further assistance.

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