Gtmhub already supports bulk activities for copying, cloning, and moving OKRs en masse. Sometimes, however, one wants to modify this behavior, and the new wizard for bulk actions will allow you full control over such operations.

Moving OKRs from one session to another:

Let’s say you have a planning session in preparation for the next quarter, as you progress to the point where you’re satisfied with the OKRs in a branch and its alignment, you can move an OKR and all its children to the new session. This new session includes all approved OKRs and their respective alignment.

Here's a short demo video how to do that. We are moving an OKR with his children OKRs from Session 2 in Session 1:

Cloning OKRs from one session to another

At the end of a session as you’re going through your retrospectives, you’ll likely ask these questions (as recommended by John Doerr in his book Measure What Matters).

  • Did we accomplish all of our objectives?

  • If so, what contributed to our success?

  • If not, what obstacles did we encounter?

  • If we were to rewrite a goal achieved in full, what would we change?

  • What have we learned that might alter our approach to the next cycle’s OKRs?

With the bulk action wizard, if you did not accomplish your objective you’re able to clone an OKR, its progress, its children OKRs and tasks so you can keep working on them in the next session. You also have the option to reset Objective progress to 0%. (e.g.

So, for teams that are looking to just clone certain OKRs or clone just higher-level OKRs that will be held consistent from quarter to quarter, Gtmhub supports these cases.

You can search by "assignee name" or by name of the OKRs.

ℹ️ Note: The search field is case-sensitive.

Cloning an entire session

Perhaps your organization keeps the same OKRs every session and adjusts Key Results or targets. Now you can clone an entire session, keep the progress and tasks if you want, and adjust Key Results or targets as needed.

As Gtmhub is moving and cloning OKRs, all the items you selected and honors your notification preferences during these actions, you’ll get an indicator so you will know when those actions are done and you can continue to work within Gtmhub without hindrance.

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