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How does the "Progress by user" report work
How does the "Progress by user" report work

Detailed information about "Progress by user" report and how it works.

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Navigate to:

Reporting > Performance Report and find "Progress by user" report.

We can sort the data "By Objectives" as in the screenshot above or "By Key results"


What is the difference between the 2 types sorting ("By Objectives" , "By Key results") of the report?


"By Objectives" sorting shows the Objective progress of every user in the account and "By Key results" sorting shows the Krs progress of the users.

The Progress Values in the 2 types sorting can be the same or different.

We will have a look at 2 scenarios. In the first one the values in the both tabs will be the same and in the second, the values will differ.

Scenario 1

Have a look at the both screenshots above! The values are the same in the 2 tabs and it seems does not matter if we sort the data "By Objectives" or "By Key results".

If the values are the same in the 2 tabs, that means that every member, who owns Objectives, owns all their Krs too as shown here:

Scenario 2

If the values differ in the 2 tabs, that means that NOT every member owns all Krs of his/her Objectives.

Here the screenshot:

As you can see from the screenshot the "Objective" is assigned to Lyubo Yanushev, but its KR 2 is assigned to Angelina Champney.

And here are the results:

Progress "By Objectives"


  • Angelina has 1 Objective with Progress = 50.0%

  • Lyubo has 1 Objective with Progress = (50% + 20% + 40%) / 3 = 36.7 %, where 50%, 20%, 40% are the progress numbers of the Krs, which belong to that objective.

and Progress "By Key Results"


  • Angelina owns 2 Krs (named KR and KR2). The Progress is: (50% + 20%) / 2 = 35.0%.

  • Lyubo owns 2 Krs (named KR1 and KR3). The Progress is: (50% + 40%) / 2 = 45.0%.

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