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Personalizing Insightboards and Reporting
Personalizing Insightboards and Reporting

How personalization can help in building smart reporting and bringing data to the point

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Personalizing the access, filters, general view and order of the data in your reports and insightboards can be crucial when you aim at not just making it visual, but also consistent, comprehensive, relevant and targeted to the right teams, groups or individuals within your organization.

The Reporting section In Quantive Results which includes the Process & Performance reports is the essential feature that allows you to get a grip on your OKR process, which is based on the live data sourcing from your Quantive Results account.

Insightboards on the other hand are the main entry point for the data coming from your third party platforms.

Here is how customizing these can help you build smarter reporting and bring your data to the point:

  • Reports

To enable reports for personalization you would need to clone them. Once cloned, the reports are available for customization and can be treated as any other insightboard.

  • Insightboards

When personalizing your insightboards make sure you get acquainted with insightboard shortcuts and the insightboard permission settings in particular.

It is worth pointing out that personalization through Title and permissions is important not only from the data security perspective and does not bear only a restrictive meaning when it comes to handling data within your organization. It can also be used for the benefit of having better structured data, uncluttered and tailored for the right teams.

Example: Customizing a report

Lets assume you would like the Process report to be available only to a specific team in your organization. You would want the teammates focused only on their OKR process and thus not want them to be able to view other teams' statistics or be affected by them in any way. Lets say you would also like the respective team to be able to see data in the report that concerns only the current session.

In such case there is no need to grant the members of this team the "Data" role, a simpler solution is to create an Insightboard and personalize it:

  • Second, set your desired filters and save.

Pick the Engineering team from the 'team' filter and current session(s) from 'session'.

  • Third, click on the ellipses menu and select Title and permissions set the right permissions and save.

Lets set this insightboard to be accessible and visible to the Engineering team. Click on +Select from list to add access to an employee, teams, roles, or the whole account.

Next, limit the actions they can exercise within the given Insightboard by leaving only the Read permission checked.

Click on Save Insightboard and you're all set.


We've just set the Process report to be accessible exclusively to the Engineering team and its team members. In the report they will be able to see only the Engineering team statistics related to the current session.

This is how any member of the Engineering team would see the Insightboard:

  • the bottom of the Insightboard box shows which teams have access to the respective Insightboard.

  • Inside the Insightboard only limited Insightboard shortcuts are available. However, users can still modify the filters but they cannot save them for everyone else:

  • If you want to go back and view the saved view visible to everyone, click on Reset to default:

Pro-tip: You can personalize any Insightboard or report in a similar manner just use the subset of conditions that fits best with your own idea for customization!

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