Here's how to set permissions to Insightboards so that only people who need to can access them:

  1. Navigate to the Insights drop-down menu > Insightboards

  2. Open an Insightboard

  3. Click on the ellipsis button at the top right corner

  4. Choose Title and Permissions from the drop-down

  5. Select Custom and assign who (employees, teams, roles, account) can have permissions to access the board, use the board filters and rearrange the insights.


Permissions can be granted on 4 different levels - employees, teams, roles, account - depending on your organizational needs. Also, each insightboard can have different permissions so that only those who need can have an access and modify it (update, delete, create, modify permissions). 

If you want to share the reports with Sales team but do not want team members to be able to view other teams statistics, you can create Insightboard with applied filters - relevant Session(s), Team and owner(s). Set permission of the board to Sales team without Update option. This way team members will not be able to change the filters values and browse through other teams information.

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