You can send Slack notifications for important events in your Gtmhub account, using the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) rules.

Gtmhub enables you to automate important tasks, thus, becoming more efficient and saving time. You can define automation rules that send notifications to important stakeholders. This article demonstrates how you can configure automation rules that post a Slack notification.


You must have Slack configured for your Gtmhub account.
For more information, see Connect Gtmhub to Slack.


To do this, perform the following:

  1. Create the automation and the trigger.
    For more information, see Create automations.

  2. Create the Slack notification action
    When you create an action to be performed by the automation, select Send Slack notification.

Configure the following:

  • The notification contents
    Enter the text that you want to appear in Slack.
    Use the Insert magic field dropdown to create placeholders for attributes, such as objective owner, session name, or objective title.

  • The channel to post in
    Use the channel dropdown to select the Slack channel where want to post the notification

Save your changes.

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