Gtmhub enables you to save time and automate repetitive tasks. Because every customer setup is unique, Gtmhub allows you to extend the built-in types with custom fields. When you define an automation, in addition to the built-in fields, you can also use custom fields to define the automation conditions.

EXAMPLE: Your company has offices around the globe and your teams are spread geographically. You define a team objective and assign it to the Denver team.

To be transparent and promote your team's aspirations, you want to set up an automation that notifies the Denver office when the company creates an aspirational objective. The objective will be partially owned by the same team.

To recreate this example, perform the following:

Create the custom fields

You create two custom fields:

  • Location
    The first field is the Location field that has options Sofia, Denver, Berlin, and London.

  • Objective type
    The second field is the Objective type that has options Committed and Aspirational.

For more information, see Create custom fields.

Create the automation

Create an automation with the following parameters:

  1. Create an automation that is triggered when an objective is created.

  2. Define a condition that the Location must be Denver.

  3. Add a second condition that the Objective type must be Aspirational.

  4. Add a third condition that the Assignee must be Tech support.

  5. Define action that sends an email to the Denver office.

For more information, see Create automations.

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