Why is my key Result update showing a negative value for attainment? For example:


Having negative values for attainment is normal. The attainment of a key result is calculated on the scale of 0-100%, comprised of the delta between your initial value and target value. Depending on where on this scale is your current value, an attainment might have positive or negative value. If you posted a key result update, that brought your current value below the initial value, this will result in negative KR attainment.
For example, if you had a key result to save $100 by the end of the month, and you started with $80 in your pocket, but next week you went to the movies and spent $10 on tickets and $60 on gas, your current value will fall to $10. Which would bring the key result to -300% attainment, as you're actually spending money, not saving them. To represent the above scenario visually, please refer to the below graph:

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