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How to provide additional troubleshooting to Quantive Results Tech Support
How to provide additional troubleshooting to Quantive Results Tech Support

How to use your browser developer tools to provide Quantive Results support with screenshots that help narrow down your issue

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You experience unexpected behavior when using the Quantive Results platfrom. For example information on the screen is loading partially or incorrectly, or you see an error message that is not too informative, like:

Reloading the page does not help addressing the issue. Quantive Results Tech Support cannot find information about the error in your account logs.


The Quantive Results platform consists of multiple components. Every time you report an issue with the platform, Tech Support will investigate the logs for your account, looking for information related to the reported issue.
Some Quantive Results components execute their logic in your browser. If such component fails it might not always communicate back to the Quantive Results server, and it will not be included in the logs tech Support reviews. This is what we'll call client-side errors. As these errors never reach the server, the information about what error occurred and where remains in your browser. That's why sometimes Tech Support might ask you to inspect your browser for client-side errors.


Your browser has built-in functionality, called developer tools that enables you to inspect the way web content is loaded. It also allows for monitoring any errors that are encountered while this content executes on your side. To provide Quantive Results Tech Support with valuable information that can help resolving your issue follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser developer tools. On most common browsers this is done by pressing the F12 key. Alternatively, just right-click anywhere on the screen and select Inspect

  2. Locate the Console tab

  3. Reload the page, or reproduce the set of actions that leads to the issue you're having

  4. Take a screenshot of the browser window, including the Console tab and provide it to Quantive Results Tech Support

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