If you have already defined dynamic key results, you are probably wondering how often they will update. 

Sync frequency

The administrator of your Gtmhub account is the one that will connect your 3rd party business tools with Gtmhub. During this phase, he will be the one to select how often Gtmhub should sync with your business system.

You have the option to sync every hour, every day, once per week, once per month or manually. 

What this means is that if your administrator selected the hourly sync for example, Gtmhub will receive the information every hour and your Key Results will also update every hour with the actual value of your metric. 

If you are not the administrator of the account, you can contact him/her for more information on adjusting the sync frequency. 

Your dynamic key results are not updating automatically? Check out this article to find the possible reasons.

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