I want to update a KR, but the value in the update field can not be changed.

Probably the affected KR is either "dynamic" or "cascade". The both types Krs are not allowed to be manually updated, because the dynamic KRs have been automatically updated from the related to them insights and "cascade" KRs have been automatically updated from their child KRs.

Please check if the affected KR is "dynamic" or "cascade"!
1.Go to "Hub" view and find the KR.
2. Click on it to open it. In the appeared window you will be able to see if the KR is dynamic.
3. If it is not "dynamic", then check whether it is "cascade"! You have to edit the affected KR and to check whether the option "Cascading" is set to "Yes".

Please have a look at the video here how to make the suggested checks:

Additional info:
If the KR is neither "dynamic" not "cascade", then the reason can be the session, where your KR is located. Please note that a session with status: Archived does not allow more actions on it or its objectives but it is kept for reference.

If your issue is not related to above mentioned cases then feel free to contact us via chat or send a request as a support ticket in our support portal, or as an email to: [email protected] and we will contact you with further steps.

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