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The signed in user '{EmailHidden}' is not assigned to a role for the application
The signed in user '{EmailHidden}' is not assigned to a role for the application

Receiving an error when trying to log in to Gtmhub with SSO configured

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You want to login to your Gtmhub account but you receive the following error message:


The issue most likely happens because you are using SSO and you are not authorized by your identity provider to access Gtmhub app. That means that the permissions in your identity provider should be changed in order to grant you the access.


Please contact the respective Person, who is responsible for the rights/permissions by your identity provider and make sure that you are allowed to access us - Gtmhub.

Additional Information

By default, when you configure an application in most identity providers, you must grant access to the application for each user separately. Depending on your use case and security policies, you can change that behavior and have all users granted access by default.  As example we can take Microsoft Azure AD identity provider. You can check the following article. Please note Step 7: User assignment required? If you set it to No, everyone should have access without needing to be explicitly added. But if it Yes, then you should be manual added to the respective app in order to have access to it.

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