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Missing update notification of a KR
Missing update notification of a KR

Issue: You see that a KR has progress, but when you open it, you can not see the update notification

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You are unable to see the update notification of a KR, although you know progress has been made on that KR.


  • The affected OKR has been imported in a whiteboard, cloned then published to another session.

  • If you make an update to an OKR in a session, then you are able to see the update notifications of the Key Result by opening it up and viewing the latest updates like in the screenshot highlighted below.

If you import an updated OKR in a whiteboard then clone the updated OKR and publish it to another session and open it, then you will see the following screen.

As you see the posted update is missing because you have imported the original OKR into a whiteboard, cloned the original OKR then published the OKR to a new session.

The cloned OKR that was published to a new session is recognized by Quantive Results as a new OKR, because of this it has never really been updated and that is the reason, why you are not able to see the updates posted from the original OKR.

Cause #2.

The affected OKR has been cloned to another session without keeping the current progress for the cloned OKR.

When cloning an OKR in a session by clicking on the OKR then clicking the

ellipsis menu and selecting Clone

You are then presented with the option to Keep Objective progress for the cloned OKR (checked by default).

If the option is de-selected, all progress for the cloned OKR will be reset to 0%


When selecting an OKR you want to clone, make sure Keep Objective progress is checked.

When cloned to the selected session, your cloned OKR will then come over to

the new session with it's original progress.

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