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Quantive Results integration with Microsoft Teams
Quantive Results integration with Microsoft Teams

Searching, posting, updating your OKRs from Microsoft Teams. Receive OKR update reminders as configured by your administrator.

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Quantive Results enables quick and easy integration with Microsoft Teams so you can share, view, and update your OKRs without switching out of Microsoft Teams.

The Quantive Results Microsoft Teams app enables you to:

As a User

  • Browse and post OKRs in a chat with other users in Microsoft Teams

  • Receive daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reminders (as set by an admin) to update OKRs that were not updated in the current cadence

  • Add comments to your Key Results directly from Microsoft Teams

As an Admin

  • Configure OKR update reminders to be sent to the users at your organization on a day/time/cadence that works for your organization

  • Have the custom confidence level configured in Quantive Results visualized in Microsoft Teams when users update Key Results

  • Disable OKR update reminders in Microsoft Teams at any time

Installing the Quantive Results app

Follow the below steps to install and configure the Quantive Results app in your Microsoft Teams workspace.

  1. In MS Teams, click on the ellipses (...) in the left side navigation and search for Quantive Results.

2. Click on Add. Once the app is installed you'll see information about the app in a chatbot, supported commands and the option to log in.

Each employee has to add the app to each of their personal workspaces. Alternatively, you can set the integration for the whole account by following the steps from this help article.

3. Post a 'login' command in the chat.

Updating OKRs from the app

Once you're signed in successfully the app will let you know about the status of your OKRs. If there are any OKRs due for update within the cadence you'll be able to click on the button to view and update them in the app.

Scenario - No OKRs for update

Scenario - OKRs due for an update

OKRs due for update can be displayed by clicking on the 'View your due OKRs' button. It appears every time you log in. Automatic reminders are also sent to you as configured by an account admin (specific day/time). More information on setting reminders is available in this help article.

4. Click on the Update and Comment buttons to provide updates and comments to your OKRs.

The Quantive Microsoft Teams app supports 3 commands for quick actions - Login, Logout and Help. At any time you can post the Help command in the chatbot to get more information.

The Quantive bot will send you reminders to update your OKRs based on your Quantive Results account OKR update reminders settings. For more information about configuring the reminders via email and Microsoft Teams app check Configure OKR update reminders.

Sending OKRs via chat in Microsoft Teams

The Quantive Results app allows you to share OKRs with users and groups in Microsoft Teams. In order to share an OKR follow the below steps:

  1. Open a new or existing conversation

  2. Click on the ellipses menu and select Quantive Results

  3. Search for an OKR by its name, click on it and then send it in the chat



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