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Getting Expired Token error upon login
Getting Expired Token error upon login

Incorrect system time zone settings can cause login issues

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After logging in, you are redirected to an error page with expired token message on it. The page indicates that you are logged in.

Trying to log out and log in again does not fix the behavior. Logging in from the Gtmhub mobile app or another machine works fine.
The above symptoms indicate incorrectly setup system time zone. When logging in your identity provider issues an authentication token which is processed in Gtmhub. The token could be issued with an older date/time read from your system settings and is later considered expired when compared tot he time on the server.

Make sure your date and time settings are correct. Depending on your operating system and browser these settings might vary.
​NOTE: If you are using a plugin (for example Time Shift) for emulating different time zone settings in your browser, ensure you configure it properly as well, or disable it for the website.

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