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Dynamic key results are not updating automatically.
Dynamic key results are not updating automatically.

This article helps troubleshoot issues where a SQL insight is not updatign the linked Key Results.

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Dynamic Key Results are not updating automatically. The insights powering the dynamic KRs show updated numbers, but the KR progress does not change.


I. Dynamic Key Results are located in a session, which starts in the future. The business logic responsible for calculating Dynamic KR progress does not start before the session starts.


II. The insight, powering your  Dynamic Key Result is missing a field-name attribute inside the <metric> HTML tag. The field-name attribute specifies which value from your insight will be used to calculate progress of the Dynamic KR. If you're missing a field-name attribute, or the value of the attribute is incorrect, for example specifies a value that is not returned by your SQL query, the KR will not update, as it does not have data to read from.


I. Please correct the session start and the end date. The start day should be a date, which is earlier from today's date. The end date should be a day, which is after today's date.


II. Please edit your insight and add a field-name attribute in your <metric> HTML tag. Make sure the value for the field-name attribute is an actual value returned in your SQL query.

For example, if you have the following SQL query:

SELECT COUNT(*) as samplevalue FROM sheet1

Your HTML might look like this (note the <metric> tag and the field-name attribute):

<div class="title o-5 mb-2">Revenue</div>
<div class="title-xlg positive">
    <metric field-name="samplevalue" name="Sample Value">{{ data.samplevalue }}</metric>
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