If you are seeing the following message when executing an insight you are editing or creating:


Then most probably your insight logic is retrieving more than 1000 records from the Gtmhub data warehouse. For example, if you do:

SELECT * FROM jira_issues

And your jira_issues table contains more than 1000 records, your insight will not execute. You will receive the warning message instead.

We designed this limitation to ensure two things:

  1. You design better insights. Seriously, who displays 1000 records on one insight!

  2. Your insights execute fast and optimally. Every time.


Review your insight logic. Look for places where you're loading excessive amount of data and optimize them.
Hint: Do you really need all items? Or are you looking for their count, for example? SELECT COUNT(*) FROM jira_issues returns just 1 record - the calculated count of all items in the jira_issues table.
Always think about what data you actually need in your insight. Leverage operations like COUNT or GROUP BY whenever possible as they execute on the Gtmhub data warehouse server, and return only the number of items you need.

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