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"Something went wrong" screen while logging into Quantive Results
"Something went wrong" screen while logging into Quantive Results

Encountering the something went wrong screen when trying to log into Quantive Results

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If you're seeing the following screen, when trying to log in to your Quantive Results account indicating you are not invited to the account you're trying to log into:


Then most probably you've ended up entering (or bookmarking) an incorrect login URL. 

Note: if you have recently changed your account domain and have previously saved a bookmark to access your Quantive account with the old domain, you will receive this error.


To login to your Quantive Results account, the best way is to use your account domain and append /login to it (e.g. or, respectively).
Alternatively you can go to and click on the Account drop down menu,

the select Quantive Results Login.

Additional information

If you're still unable to login following the above instructions, click on the Error stack for this error link. Copy the information it provides, and contact Quantive Results support at [email protected] or via our Public Issue Tracker.

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