I have an Insightboard that should be visible only by some members of my account. How do I restrict it?


Setting Insightboard permissions can be done when creating an Insightboard or editing an Insightboard (user, user's team or role or the whole account must have "modifyPermissions" action in this case).

Here's how to modify the insightboard permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Insights drop-down menu > Insightboards

  2. Open an Insightboard

  3. Click on the ellipsis button at the top right corner

  4. Choose Title and Permissions from the drop-down

  5. Select Custom and assign who (employees, teams, roles, account) can have permissions to access the board, use the board filters and rearrange the insights.

  6. Modify the permissions for this Insightboard accordingly

  7. Click Save insightboard

When customizing permissions, 5 different options are available for each principal (employee, team, role or account) added to permissions collection:

  1. read - this actions allows the principals to access and preview the Insightboard

  2. update - allows the users to change the name, add insights (if their roles include "Manage Data" permission), change Insightboard parameters (filters) values, modify tags

  3. create - at the moment this action is not used

  4. delete - allows the principal to delete the Insightboard

  5. modifyPermissions - allows the user to add or remove principals from permissions and change the actions added to each principal

Additional Information

If you want your Insightboard to be inaccessible for an employee, please make sure that the employee is excluded from permissions. This means that the employee's teams, roles, and the whole account should not be added to permissions collection as

If you wish to make a "read-only" Insightboard for an employee, team, role or everyone in account, please mark only "read" action for this principal in permissions collection.

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