I created a custom entity and now I want to use it. Where do I find the custom entity and how can I connect it to my data source?


You need to have permissions needed before you can manage data sources.

  1. Navigate to the Insights drop-down menu and choose Data sources option

  2. If there are any entities in your account they will be listed at the top of the screen above already connected connections, data sources and entities

  3. Click on the options dropdown menu on the right side of the selected entity's row

  4. Select the "Connect" option

  5. A new modal window will open displaying the fields of the custom entity on the left and the available data sources on the right side

  6. Select the data source you want to connect the entity to

  7. On the right side the fields of the external schema will appear. You can drag and drop them and map them to entity's fields

  8. When mappings are done click "Save" button

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