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Update SSO setting in your Identity provider
Update SSO setting in your Identity provider

Change the SSO URL in your IdP to accommodate for the new Quantive authentication URL

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As part of our rebranding to Quantive, we are updating the Identity provider domain from auth(.us/as/sa) to auth(.us/as/sa) If you have configured SAML SSO with Quantive Results prior to March 1st, 2024 will have to go through the steps below to update their existing SSO setup and ensure uninterrupted service.

What should I do?

Note: The following instructions must be performed by and admin user in Quantive Results, and someone with admin access to your Identity Provider, as you'll need to make small changes in both systems.

Follow the below steps to complete updating your SSO URL to the new one:

In Quantive Results

  1. Log in to your Quantive Results account with an admin user.

  2. Go to Settings β†’ Single Sign-On (SSO). You will see a prompt to Update SSO details.

    Click on the Update button

  3. On the next screen copy the new SSO URL (the value will be unique to your Quantive Results account).

  4. Keep this tab open, as you'll need to return to it once you've updated the details in your IdP.

In your Identity Provider

  1. In your Identity Provider, locate the application handling SSO with Quantive Results (e.g., Gtmhub or Quantive).

  2. Edit the SSO details, replacing the existing Sign-On URL values with the new one from step 3.

  3. Save the application changes.

Final confirmation (back in Quantive Results)

NOTE: Do not click on the Confirm button if you have not updated the SSO URL in your Identity Provider yet! Clicking on the Confirm button effectively switches your account to using the new authentication URL, and if the one in your IdP has not been updated this will result in login issues.

  1. Return to your Quantive Results account Settings β†’ Single Sign-On (SSO) β†’ Update SSO details screen.

  2. Check the "I have updated my Identity Provider application" checkbox and click the Confirm button.

  3. Finally, perform a test login (preferably in an incognito window to ensure fresh login session) to ensure everything works. If any issues occur contact Quantive Technical Support at

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