IMPORTANT: Adding items to Favorites is only available if you're using the New Gtmhub Experience, which is currently in Beta. To try it out, please get in touch with our team using the Intercom chat in the lower right corner.

Introducing Favorites, a new feature that allows you to star OKRs, KPIs, Sessions, Whiteboards, Reports (prev. called Lists), People and Teams.

How to add items to Favorites?

There are two main ways to add OKRs, Sessions, Whiteboards, Reports, People and Teams to favourites.

From the star icon or ellipsis menu of the item

Next to all Sessions, Reports (prev. called Lists) Insighboards, Whiteboards you'll find a star icon. Clicking on it will add the item to Favorites.

In the ellipsis menu of all OKRs, KPIs, People and Teams, you'll find an option "Add to favourites". Clicking on it will add the item to Favorites.

From Recent and Suggested items

Favorites can also be added from Recent or Suggested items in the sub-menu navigation. Click on the ellipsis menu next to the one you'd like to favourite and select "Add to favorites".

Where can I find my favorite items?

On the Home Screen

All of your favorites will be shown in the sub-menu of the Home navigation.

On the corresponding product pages

Once added to Favorites, the star icon of the item will be highlighted (where applicable) and you'll see your selection under "Favorites" in the sub-menu navigation.

For example, all favorite Insightboards will show under "Favorites" on that page.

Are my Favorite items private to me?

Yes. Any items you add to Favorites are only visible to you and other users are not aware of them.

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