Mandatory Alignment of OKRs

Learn how to turn mandatory alignment on and off and how it affects creating OKRs.

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Aligning OKRs in Quantive Results is highly recommended but not mandatory by default. Admins can enable mandatory alignment and exclude specific users who will be able to create top-level OKRs. All other users will need to choose a Parent OKR before they publish their OKR.

This article demonstrates how to:

  • set mandatory alignment and specify which users can create top-level OKRs

  • create, edit, clone, and move OKRs with mandatory alignment

  • draft and publish OKRs in Whiteboards with mandatory alignment

  • use Marketplace templates when you have enabled mandatory alignment


You’ll need an admin role or Manage Setup permissions.

Switch on or off the mandatory alignment of OKRs

You can enable mandatory alignment for your account under Settings > Methodology.

When the toggle is off, the alignment of OKRs is not mandatory. With the toggle on, all users will have to align their OKRs by selecting a Parent OKR and won’t be able to finalize creating before their OKRs are aligned. An exception will be the specified users who can create top-level OKRs as illustrated below.

When mandatory alignment is turned on, the following will be affected:

Create OKRs

When creating OKRs, the Parent OKR field will be mandatory. The OKR can only be published once a parent is selected.

Edit OKRs

OKRs that already exist will not be required to have a parent. However, if one is added, it will be required from that point on. Users can always replace the Parent OKR with another one.

Clone OKRs

When cloning an OKR, users can choose the session in which it will be cloned and the Parent OKR. Users will be able to clone an OKR before aligning it.

Move OKRs

Moving OKRs from session to session will be only possible after choosing the session and adding a Parent OKR. If the OKR was created before the mandatory alignment was enabled and is not aligned, it can only be moved once it is aligned.

Whiteboards: Draft and Publish OKRs

Once you draft OKRs on a Whiteboard, you can publish only aligned OKRs, one by one, or together if they are all aligned.

OKR Templates in Marketplace

Only users who are excluded (can create top-level OKRs) can select and install OKR templates in the Marketplace. All other users can access the templates but will not be able to install them.

Draft OKRs in Miro

Mandatory alignment is not supported for the Quantive integration in Miro. Only users with permission to create top-level OKRs can draft OKRs in Miro.


The mandatory alignment setting is currently available only for accounts that have requested it. If you’d like your account to be included, please contact your Customer Success Manager in Quantive.

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