Here are the new feature releases and improvements our team made in Q4 2021

Shared OKRs | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: To enable better performance across ad-hoc cross-functional teams, departments, and functions, we have created Shared OKRs, whereby multiple users can set up and work towards a common objective. This functionality should help banish siloes, improve collaboration and map dependencies and ensure timely delivery of outcomes through shared accountability and ownership. The Shared OKR feature can be toggled on or off globally by an account admin.

Implement "My OKRs" Section | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Like many everyday tools, users want to be able to know and prioritize the information that is important to them. By implementing a "My OKRs" section within Gtmhub, users will be able to quickly access Objectives or Key Results they own, Tasks assigned to them, and more.

Unified Trial Experience | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: We have worked to unify the trial experience that allows new sign-ups to access all Gtmhub features with banners that clearly define if a feature is not available on certain plans. After signing up, if an account would like to downgrade to a different plan, they will be warned about the data that will be lost from features unavailable on the lower plan.

Price Change for Self-Serve Plans | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: To continue serving our customers best, we have modified our self-serve pricing to continue improving the Gtmhub experience beyond OKR software. This price change only affects new subscription plans, upgrades, or adding new users. All existing self-service customers can continue with their current subscription rate forever. Learn more

Quickly Assign Team Permissions for Sessions | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: When creating or editing a Session, an account admin will now have the ability to select Team and Subteams to quickly assign groups of team members permissions to access a given Session.

Improved Filters for Sessions | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Filters make it easy to find and sort information within Gtmhub. We have improved the Session filter to allow users to quickly select the Sessions they want from a tree-like dropdown.

More Flexible Report Notifications | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: We have improved the Report notification section in order to give users more flexibility and control in sending Reports, including independent Report notifications, customized sending times, and overall improvement to the design of the Report settings page. Learn more

Enriched Demo Account | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Our Gtmhub Demo account plays a key role in helping organizations explore Gtmhub and choose the right OKR tool for them. We have enriched our Demo account to have all key features including Insightboards, Whiteboards, Organization structure, and more OKRs and Sessions.

Improved Forms | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: To save users time and provide more consistency in their experience of using Gtmhub, we have made improvements to our Session form, creating a KPI form, and Custom Fields form. Learn more

Add Workday as a datasource | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Building out Workday as a datasource reduces manual work by allowing users to update the progress of their KPIs and OKRs from Workday data. After adding this datasource, users can see progress on HR and Payroll Key Results and KPIs in real-time.

Insights WebSockets - Phase #1 | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: As the number of Gtmhub users continues to grow, we have made improvements our Insights WebSockets to decrease the potential downtime of all features and services connected by WebSockets, prevent RabbitMQ messages getting stuck, make the Insights calculation more reliable and scalable, and improve the security around data permissions.

Quickly Migrate Subscriptions via API | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Our team has created the ability to merge and migrate Gtmhub subscriptions quickly through API. This will allow us to reduce the resolution time of customer requests.

Mobile App Improvements | Status: ✅ Done

Our mobile app allows users to take their OKRs on the go. We have built out key features in the app to allow app users to accomplish more and find information easily, including:

  • Sessions: View the lists of Sessions and use OKR Filters to find the information needed | Status ✅ Done

  • Task Management: View Task details and edit Tasks already assigned, or create new Tasks | Status ✅ Done

  • Announcements: View a scrolling list of all existing Announcements, authors, and more | Status ✅ Done

  • Profile Management: View user profile details, make changes, and easily log out and switch accounts | Status ✅ Done

  • Custom Fields: View all existing Custom Fields within OKRs, Tasks, and when updating a Key Result | Status ✅ Done

  • Navigation: Quickly find key account features and information with an easy-to-navigate menu | Status ✅ Done

  • User Interface Elements: Common UI components are built including empty states, errors, no internet connection, and more | Status ✅ Done

Improvements for Gtmhub Partners

Improvements to Onboarding Partners | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: New Partners joining Gtmhub will benefit from a streamlined onboarding process that automates signing up and completing the Gtmhub certification. The new process will consist of an online application, email confirmation, account creation, and signing of a partnership agreement. Once these steps have been completed, the Partner will be activated as a Bronze Partner. Silver Partners will receive additional onboarding support from our team. All existing and new Partners will receive a free Gtmhub account with a complete feature set.

Partner Branded OKRs | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Gtmhub Partners can now submit their OKRs to the Marketplace to share with other Gtmhub accounts and demonstrate their work. When a user searches for OKR templates in the Marketplace, they will see the logo and company name displayed of who contributed the OKR.

Highlight Partner Services to New Gtmhub Users | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: We are highlighting Partners services in two new places within Gtmhub: the trial onboarding and the Whiteboards empty screen. Starting a trial with Gtmhub is the first step in seeing how OKRs can work for your organization. For those new to Gtmhub or OKRs, our Marketplace holds many resources including Partner branded OKR templates and consulting services. We are going to include a Marketplace spotlight during trial onboarding and when an account does not have any Whiteboards created in order to assist new accounts in learning and adopting OKR methodology.

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