Here are the new feature releases and improvements our team made in Q3 2021

Quickly Switch Between Accounts with the Same Email | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: A user can now be added to multiple Gtmhub accounts using the same email while having the ability to quickly switch between the accounts without having to log out of Gtmhub. Learn more

Standard REST Connector | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: A feature toggled REST Connector wizard in Gtmhub will be visible for our team to demonstrate and validate integrations that have not already been built.

Improve the Partner Portal in the Gtmhub Marketplace | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Finding Partners in the Marketplace is now easier with the ability to filter Partners by country, language, and services and contact Partners directly from their listing. New Partners who join Gtmhub will also be automatically listed in our Marketplace.

Unified Buttons | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: To improve the user experience, we updated all of the buttons in the web app forms to have consistent designs.

Educational Information on Empty Screens | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: When a feature in Gtmhub is not set up, we are introducing educational content for the empty states to help users understand what the given feature does and how this can help them achieve their goals.

New Integrations | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: We have built new integrations with Bitbucket, Jenkins, MariaDB, and Freshworks that allow users to create data visualizations and dynamic Key Results in Gtmhub.

Improved Left-side Navigation | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: In order to provide a better user experience, we have improved the left-side navigation in Gtmhub. The new navigation creates a more intuitive structure of features and makes it easier access to key information.

New Account Sign-Up Survey | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: Upon creating a Gtmhub account, the account creator will be asked a 3 question survey about their organization and experience with OKRs. This information will help us to personalize their use of Gtmhub, and provide valuable information on whether Gtmhub is meeting their organization's needs.

Improvements to Login Experience | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: We improved the Gtmhub login experience to provide consistency in forms, buttons, and user experience no matter where a user is logging in. We also designed more visibility on how to start over or request a new password when a user enters incorrect login credentials.

Guided Tour of OKRs and Sessions | Status: ✅ Done

Use case: We have built additional educational guides to help new users learn Gtmhub quickly. After creating their first OKR, a user will see next steps on finding OKRs, learning about Sessions and Alignment view, and a prompt to create their second OKR. These guides will show once with the option to close and hide.

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