This article provides information on how to install the Gtmhub app in Miro to integrate Miro in your OKR workflow.

Quick tutorial

How to install

Navigate to Miro's Marketplace to install and use the integration on boards - https://miro.com/marketplace/gtmhub/


The integration has the following features:

  • Create a draft OKR on a Miro board

  • Add one or multiple owners (users/teams) of Objectives/Key Results

  • Add OKR details (description, tags, targets, etc.)

  • Publish OKR drafts in Gtmhub

  • Edit a published OKR from Miro; edits are applied to Gtmhub published OKR

  • Convert notes into OKR drafts

  • Import one or multiple OKRs to a Miro board


You must have a Miro account (free or paid).


You must allow cookies in Chrome.

You must uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" in Safari (Preferences -> Privacy -> Prevent cross-site tracking)

Miro Desktop App

The integration is currently not supported on Miro Desktop App, only on browsers.


You must install Gtmhub OKRs app from Miro's Marketplace


To configure Gtmhub app in a Miro board, perform the following:

In Miro:

  1. Open the Apps panel and search for Gtmhub OKRs.

  2. Enter your Gtmhub e-mail address to authenticate.

  3. You will be landed on a Gtmhub login screen. Enter your Gtmhub account password.

  4. Once you authenticate successfully close the tab and go back to the Miro board.


Create a draft OKR

  • From the app menu select 'Create draft OKR'

  • Enter draft Objective details and save it

  • Once the objective is added, click to edit and add details and KRs

  • Save the draft on the Miro board

  • Once you're ready with the OKR and you've entered all mandatory fields - hit 'Publish' to publish it in Gtmhub

  • Your OKR will be published to the session you've selected

  • If you edit a published OKR in Miro this will automatically edit the published OKR in Gtmhub

Convert a note to an OKR

  • Add sticky notes

  • Type a couple of lines (objectives/key results) adding each one on a new line (hitting Enter)

  • From the app panel navigate to 'Convert from Miro'

  • Select one or more notes and hit 'Convert to OKRs'

Import published OKRs

  • From the app panel 'Work with OKRs' select 'Import OKRs'

  • Use the search and session drop-down to find specific objectives

  • Select one or more OKRs and hit 'Import'

  • The published OKRs are imported to the board

Note: If an imported published OKR is edited in Gtmhub click on the 'Edit' button of the OKR and the changes will appear in the Miro OKR as well.

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