Which Gtmhub plans have access to Apps?

Data apps (like Integrations) are available on our Summit and Enterprise plans. UI apps are available for all Gtmhub plans. After clicking on an app in the App Marketplace, you can look at the top right-hand corner for a green "compatible" checkmark to confirm that the app is compatible with your Gtmhub plan.

What is the difference between data and UI Apps?

Data apps allow contributors to create more connectors to automate Key Results and create dashboards and charts. Data apps are tagged with "data source" or "connection" when you are browsing the App Marketplace. UI apps allow contributors to visualize content from a 3rd party system within Gtmhub. For example, you could attach a Miro board to an Objective and then be able to scroll the Miro board from within Gtmhub.

What is the difference between Integrations and Apps?‚Äč

Integrations and apps work very similarly within Gtmhub. Our Integrations, also called 'connectors', sync data from third-party systems to Gtmhub and provide the ability to automate Key Results and create dashboards and charts. Our apps allow you to create even more connectors, which are called data apps. Once installed they become part of the out-of-the-box integrations.

Where can I send my developer for building an App?

We have a collection of help articles on how to build and publish an app. They can also find all of the documentation and instructions needed for building an app in our Gtmhub developer portal.

Have additional questions?

Browse more help articles and videos on the Gtmhub App Marketplace or reach out to our team with any questions.

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