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Turn on or off features in your account

How to select which features show for your entire Quantive account

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Quantive Results allows you to turn on or off features for your whole account.

To do that, head to Settings in your navigation pane, under the System section

select Features.

NOTE: Some features may not be avaialble to some users as they

vary by plan.

Currently, you are able to turn on or off the following:

  • Whiteboards

  • Tasks

  • KPIs

  • Badges

  • GIFs

  • Tags

  • Check-Ins

  • Platform Intelligence

If you've previously used one of these features and then turned it off, Quantive Results will keep your data.

If you turn off a feature that is currently used by other users in the system, they will stop seeing it after a refresh or the next time they log in.

You can also turn off features for specific user roles by leveraging the permissions in Quantive Results. For more information please see how to manage roles.

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