Tableau helps companies see and understand their data through powerful visualizations. The Gtmhub’s integration with Tableau allows you to get your Tableau data in Gtmhub to link to Insights or to automate your Key Results.

How to connect

Navigate to the Insights > Data Sources > Add new data source > BI and Analytics > Tableau


You need to obtain a few details from Tableau before proceeding to connect:

  • Personal Access token

  • Domain - the domain of the instance you want to connect to.

  • Token Name - the name of the token

  • Content Url - the subpath of the site you want to gain access to.

Here is a list of the required items and a short guidance how to find them

  • Тoken Name

Go to your Tableau account > Profile > Account Settings

and scroll a bit down.

When you reach "Personal access tokens", just create a token and you are all set.

For the Gtmhub Tableau integration, we are just going to be using the Token itself and the Token name.

  • Domain

When logged in to your Tableau account, you can find it just after "HTTPS" in your current URL.

In this case, that would be the ""

  • Content Url

Where to find it?

After you create your Tableau account, you will receive an email from Tableau looking like that.

Here you are going to activate your Site and type in your preferred website name.

After you configure it, the name (Content URL), could be found in your URL, right after /#/site.

In this case that would be "gtmhubtsm"

And you are all set!

After typing in those in the Gtmhub Tableau integration page, your connection should be ready to go.

Note: this integration works for Tableau Server and Tableau Online

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