Connect Looker to automate KRs, KPIs or create Insights - no SQL

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Looker integration allows you to automate KRs, KPIs or create Insights in Quantive Results without writing a single line of code.

How to connect

  • In Quantive Results, navigate to Settings > Data Sources screen

  • Click the Add new data source button

  • From the Choose a connector dialog, select the BI and Analytics tab and then Looker.

Specify the name of the connection so that you can later distinguish your Looker connection.

More than one member of your organization can create Looker connections to be able to sync and use the data they have access to.

In order to connect your Looker account, you need to provide Domain (instance URL), Client ID, and Client Secret.

After the set-up is complete Looker appears as a data source with connection(s).


If you've automated KRs, KPIs, or created Insights with your data from Looker charts but you make changes to them or delete them, their sync breaks. You need to restore it by navigating to the broken entity/chart in Quantive Results, checking for a schema change, and clicking to update the schema ("Schema changes")

Automate KRs or KPIs with Looker data

Step 1 - Create a KR or a KPI

Step 2 - Select to track the progress automatically

Step 3 - Select Looker

Step 4 - Select "Automate it yourself"

Step 5 - Click to "Select from list"

Step 6 - Select from where you'd like to track progress. You can track either progress from a Look in Dashboards or you can select to track progress from a Look.

Option 1 - Track progress from a Look in Dashboard

Option 2 - Track progress from a Look

Step 7 - Continue to KR or KPI calculation

You can apply the below calculations:

You can also add one or more filters using the "+" icon

After adjusting the calculations hit "Execute" to get a result. The progress of the result will be used to track automatically your KR or KPI

If you're happy with the result click on "Looks correct" and add the value to your KR or KPI

Create Insights with Looker data

(You can work with a codeless editor or SQL expert editor)

Step 1 - From the main navigation select Insights - Insightsboards

Step 2 - Create an Insight and choose "Use codeless editor". Then enter the name and description of your Insight

Step 3 - Click to "Select from list"

Step 4 - Select Looker

Step 5 - Similar to KRs and KPIs select from where (Look in Dashboard or Look) you'd like to track data

Step 6 - Apply calculations and filters (if necessary) and hit "Execute"

Step 7 - Hit the "Save" button or "Save and leave" to save your Insight. You can add it to an Insighsboard

Now you are ready to create Insights based on the data fetched from Looker.
Have fun !

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