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Dynamic team permissions in Sessions

How to include all your subteams in a future-proof way

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When defining the way your company works with OKRs, you always start with Sessions. The more your organizational usage in Quantive Results grows, the more you might find it helpful to break out separate divisions, business lines, or products into separate Sessions.

Quantive Results makes it very easy to structure multiple Sessions and assign the relevant Session permissions to your teams.

Just head to All Sessions and hit 'Create session'.

On the Permissions row, select Custom, and add the relevant team.

Quantive Results will automatically select for you to "Include all sub-teams". This automatically gives the same permissions for (in this example) Team Best to all of its sub-teams down the management chain.

This workflow is future-proof: if a sub-team is removed or added to the organizational management chain, they'll be automatically removed or given the relevant permissions. Also, renaming your existing teams won't affect their permissions.

Lastly, you can apply the same permission principles to specific Insightboards.

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